NOCIBE offers more than 10,000 school kits to learners

NOCIBE offers more than 10,000 school kits to learners

2023-09-18 08:03:51

The New Benin Cement Factory (NOCIBÉ) donated school kits to learners in the commune of Adja-Ouérè and Pobè this Thursday, September 14, 2023. The delivery ceremony took place at the CEG Massè in the district of Massè in the presence of the prefect of the Plateau department, the mayors of the communes of Adja-Ouèrè and Pobè, the departmental directors of primary and secondary education, the crowned heads of the locality, the parents of the students, the teachers and the students themselves -themselves.
Abdul Wahab ADO
As usual on the eve of each school year, NOCIBÉ once again comes to sow joy in the hearts of the populations of the commune of Adja-Ouèrè and Pobè. More than ten thousand schoolchildren and students have received school kits for the 2023-2024 school year. These include school supplies, ready-to-wear sewn khaki outfits, sports outfits and full coverage of school fees by the New Benin Cement Factory (NOCIBÉ). In order to leave no one behind, NOCIBÉ donated work coats to teachers in the local nursery, primary and secondary schools. This noble gesture sufficiently proves the commitment of the managers of this company to participate in the development of Benin through adequate training in the necessary conditions. “The education of children remains at the heart of NOCIBE’s major concerns,” recalled the Deputy Director General of NOCIBÉ, Jean Philippe EQUILBECQ.
The Deputy Director General of NOCIBÉ, Jean Philippe EQUILBECQ took the opportunity to congratulate teachers for the efforts made each year for the education system in the communes of Adja-Ouèrè and Pobè. “Dear teachers, you are the cornerstone of the education system. NOCIBE expresses its gratitude to you. It’s a way for NOCIBE to congratulate you for the excellent work you do every day.” He also invited the students to make good use of the kits received.
Opportunity for the prefect of the Plateau department, Valère SETONOUGBO to shed light on the reforms undertaken by the government of President Patrice Talon in the Beninese education sector. He took the opportunity to make some requests to the management of NOCIBÉ. “Mr. Director, I would like to ask your structure to really think about the Lycée technique de Pobè through a gesture, even if only symbolic, not only in terms of infrastructure but also teaching materials allowing its learners to truly get out real technicians.”
With hearts overflowing with joy, the beneficiaries expressed their gratitude to the donor with prayers and blessings. “My comrades charge me to tell you that the joy that animates them is ineffable. They thank you and promise that good use will be made of these kits. May God grant you longevity so that the kit delivery ceremony is perpetuated,” loudly proclaimed Marcellin Djossou, spokesperson for the recipients. As for the authorities at various levels present at this ceremony, they expressed their recognition and gratitude to NOCIBÉ. Seizing the opportunity, they presented several complaints against the donor.
It should be noted that NOCIBÉ has ​​already built two classroom modules in Ikpinlè each plus a desk equipped with furniture and has already launched the start of construction work on classroom modules at the Igbo Aadou public primary school. All eyes are now on the recipients who have made the commitment to make good use of the school kits and to work for better academic results at the end of the year.

QA September 18, 2023

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