Nofar Energy: Partnership with a green energy production company in Poland

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Engaged in the initiation, construction and operation of systems for the production of electricity from solar energy, announced that it has signed a partnership agreement with the Polish company Electrum. As part of this, you will receive a joint and exclusive holding for a project for the production and management of solar and wind energy with a capacity of up to approximately 1,250 megawatts.

According to the outline, the joint corporation will be managed by both parties and will engage in identifying opportunities in the Polish market in the field of renewable energy. As well, is initiating the development of additional projects. Nofar will hold 80% of the joint corporation while the entire balance will be held by the Polish company.

Electrum is an engineering and technology company based in the Polish city of Bialystok and is an independent energy producer that also specializes in the development and operation of renewable energy projects of the types engaged in by Israeli society.

Nadav Tene, CEO of Nofar Energy “As part of the implementation of the company’s strategic plan, we have conducted a learning process of the Polish market over the past few months. Significant and fast and successful implementation of hundreds of megawatts at high yields.

The renewable energy market in Poland is set to grow in the coming years after in February of last year the local government approved a strategic plan for a green energy policy in the face of the climate crisis, which later led to the Glasgow Commission last month. As part of the plan, it was agreed that by 2030, the shares of the exhaust materials currently used to generate electricity will be significantly reduced and that the rate of renewable energy in the latter will increase from a current rate of 13% to a rate of 23% for at least the next eight years. All this along with the construction of wind power generation facilities and increasing the production capacity from nuclear energy. The Israeli company estimates that the construction of at least 11 gigawatts of renewable energy electricity production facilities is expected in the next four years, and therefore it has chosen to enter this market.

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