Nokia officially announces the wonderful Nokia 110 4G, the cheapest mobile phone 2022

A little while ago, the Finnish company Nokia revealed the new and distinct Nokia 110 4G phone, which comes as the cheapest mobile phone for the current year 2022, as the company seeks to launch its distinguished phone to attract many customers to the company, achieve a large percentage of sales and thus achieve huge financial profits during the coming period.

Nokia 110 4G phone

For its part, the technical website “gsmarena” indicated that the new Nokia phone, made in India, will launch in a range of wonderful colors, such as gold, cyan, pink and black, and you can get the phone through the company’s official website.

Features of the Nokia 110 4G phone

The Nokia 110 4G phone comes with a number of great features including:

  • Equipped with LTE connectivity.
  • It supports two SIM cards and a fourth generation connection.
  • Record calls automatically.
  • Loaded with some classic games like Snake.
  • Built-in flashlight.


The new Nokia phone also has a microSD card slot, in order to expand the phone’s storage capacity up to 32 GB, in addition to the ability to play FM radio and an MP3 player.

Camera, battery and screen

Camera The phone has a 0.3-megapixel camera
the battery With a capacity of 1000 mAh, it is charged through the microUSB port, and it is enough for a month in standby mode
the screen The new phone has a QVGA screen measuring 1.8 inches

phone price

You can get the phone by entering the official website of the company and ordering the phone, as it was offered at an amount of 21 euros, which is equivalent to approximately 400 Egyptian pounds. globally.

Nokia 8210 4G

And Nokia had revealed its Nokia 8210 4G phone last month, which is scheduled to be put up for sale in India first, and it can be purchased by entering the official Nokia website, or through Amazon for 50 euros, as it features a larger screen. Relatively 2.8 inches.

phone colors

The phone is available in two great colors, including:

  • the Red .
  • navy blue.

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