Nominations for DFB team only with corona vaccination

Dhe national coach has decided: Only those who can present proof of vaccination against Covid-19 will be nominated. This has nothing to do with discrimination against all those who decided against immunization around a year after the start of the vaccination campaign. It is an admission of reality. Because this pandemic is not over yet, not in Germany, not in Europe, not even in China.

According to official reports, the corona outbreaks there are limited, but the regulations are clear: If you want to travel to the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing next February, you have to be vaccinated or stay in for 21 days after landing in China Enter quarantine. But that’s not really an alternative. In any case, it would no longer be possible to prepare properly for the ice hockey tournament – national coach Toni Söderholm knows that too.

Anyone who is invited to an international match of the national soccer team has to be tested. Niklas Süle noticed a corona infection this week, even though he is fully vaccinated. Four other national players were then placed in quarantine – including Joshua Kimmich, who is known to be unvaccinated. That can at least be assumed of the other three.

And at this point at the latest, a credibility problem becomes clear. “Referee, I’m already yellow” – with this slogan the German Football Association, together with its regional and state associations, advertises the importance of a vaccination. That is praiseworthy, but how much is it really worth if the great football role models don’t also lead the way as vaccination role models?



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