Nord Stream 1: Gazprom blames Siemens Energy

Nord Stream 1: Gazprom blames Siemens Energy
Nord Stream 1

Resumption of Nord Stream 1 depends on Siemens Energy, says Gazprom.

(Photo: Reuters)

The Russian gas company Gazprom attributes the delivery stop via the Nord Stream 1 Baltic Sea pipeline to an alleged design defect in the Siemens Energy turbine used. Because of the increased risk of fire and explosion, the Rostechnadzor technical supervisor has prohibited the turbine from continuing to operate, Gazprom said on Monday evening in Moscow.

Siemens had to repair the system. A company with the identified deficiencies contradicts “the norms of Russian legislation”. Siemens rejected the representation.

Gazprom failed to resume gas supplies to Europe on Saturday after scheduled turbine maintenance. The company justified this with allegedly leaking oil from the Siemens Energy unit.

Oil is leaking from the Trent 60 turbine at Russia’s Portovaya pumping station in a place where it is very hot, Gazprom wrote on Monday. The oil could ignite; then the risk of explosion threatens the safety of the entire pumping station.

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The problem did not occur when this turbine was serviced in July. However, it has already been observed in other turbines of this type. This suggests that the error was in the design and can only be remedied by a conversion at Siemens Energy.

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Siemens Energy could not understand this new representation, said a spokesman. For the time being, the assessment that the reported findings do not constitute a reason for the cessation of operations applies. “Such leaks do not normally affect the operation of a turbine and can be sealed on site.”

In the past, too, there had been no standstill due to such oil leaks. Siemens Energy points out that there are enough additional turbines in the Portovaya compressor station to operate Nord Stream 1.

The federal government considers the technical problems with the pipeline to be advanced. She accuses Moscow of refusing gas supplies for political reasons.

Federal Economics Minister Robert Habeck is preparing for the fact that Russia will no longer supply gas to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. “There’s still a bit of gas coming through the Ukraine pipeline, but Nord Stream 1 being reopened isn’t one of the scenarios I’m assuming,” said the Greens politician on Monday evening on ZDF’s “heute journal”.

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