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Seoul: North Korean President Kim Jong Un has warned that North Korea will retaliate with nuclear weapons if it is intimidated.


The ceremony featured a military parade of modern weapons, including intercontinental ballistic missiles and anti-submarine missiles.
During the ceremony, Kim Jong Un stressed the need to “increase military strength”. Then he said: My desire is to continue to develop nuclear weapons and increase our military strength. We may use nuclear weapons in advance to prevent threats or dangerous attempts against our national interests. Thus he spoke.

Recently, the South Korean Defense Minister said that ‘we have the strength to prevent a North Korean attack in advance’. Kim Jong Un has retaliated. North Korea has been pushing for the lifting of US sanctions. But the United States has said the embargo can only be lifted if nuclear weapons production is completely abandoned.

13 tests

As a result, North Korea continues to test advanced missiles to intimidate US-backed neighbors South Korea and Japan.
North Korea has conducted 13 tests this year, including an intercontinental ballistic missile.



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