North West wearing a face mask at Paris Fashion Week

North West is currently at Paris Fashion Week with her mother, Kim Kardashian, and was spotted in head-to-toe black. If you now have a familiar vision in your brilliant mind – you are absolutely right: both mother Kim and father Kanye have often walked masked in prestigious fashion events in the past year

She is not yet 10 years old, and already draws all the attention to her: Just like her parents, North West shows us that stardom is probably inherited. The eldest daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West is currently at Paris Fashion Week with her mother, and yesterday (Sunday) she was caught in a, shall we say, particularly strange look. The 9-year-old was photographed wearing a black head covering that covers her entire face.

If this black look from head to toe reminds you of something – then you are not wrong. Both her father Kanye and her mother Kim have often chosen to dress in a very strange and similar look, and what can we tell you? The slightly odd sense of fashion seems to run in the genes. Beyond the black fabric that completely covered her entire face, North wore a black t-shirt, black pants – and the shoe: black Crocs (the mako celebs system remains specials).

North didn’t seem bothered for a moment by the flashes of the paparazzi cameras (oh well, she was born for it), and showed complete self-confidence in front of all the photographers – just like her mother. Remember, on the evening of the 2021 Met Gala, Kim also arrived dressed in a black suit from the fashion house Balenciaga that covered her entire body, head to toe, literally. This crazy look of hers completely broke the internet – just like only Kimmy knows how to do.

Divorced Kanye West also often chose to attend high-profile events wearing a mask over his entire face. One of his most memorable fashion events in such a block took place last year, when the rapper arrived at the Balenciaga event masked and dressed all in black. Kanye has branded himself in recent years as a top-notch fashion designer with “Yeezy”, the super brand he owns, but as you’ve already managed to understand – this style was less connected to us.


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