Norway replaced Russia

Norway replaced Russia

2023-09-26 15:13:00

According to a Eurostat study, energy imports into the European Union decreased by 11.3% in volume in the second quarter of 2023 compared to the same quarter of the previous year. Those of oil from Russia fell from a monthly average of 8.7 million tonnes in the second quarter of 2022 to 1.6 million tonnes in the second quarter of this year, a drop of 82%. During the same period, natural gas imports from Russia halved, from 5.1 to 2.5 million tonnes.

In value terms, Russia was still the European Union’s leading supplier of petroleum products in the second quarter of 2022, with a share of 15.9% of total imports. A year later, following the sanctions taken against Moscow after the invasion of Ukraine, it was only in 12th place, with a share reduced to 2.7%. At the same time, Norway’s share increased by 3.5% to 13.7%, becoming the EU’s top supplier. It is ahead of the United States (13.6%), Kazakhstan (10.2%), Saudi Arabia (9%) and Libya (8.1%).

What about gas?

For imports into the EU of natural gas in the gaseous state, Russia’s share in value fell in one year from 28.3% to 13.8%, while that of Algeria increased by 9 .3% and that of Norway 6.2%. The latter is today by far the leading supplier of natural gas in the gaseous state in the EU with a share of 44.3%, followed by the United Kingdom (17.8%) and Algeria ( 16.5%).

READ ALSO Putin and post-Wagnerian RussiaFinally, when it comes to liquefied natural gas (LNG), the United States is the EU’s leading supplier, with a 46.4% share of total imports. Russia remains in second position (12.4%), ahead of Qatar (10.9%), Algeria (9.9%) and Nigeria (5.1%).

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