“Not easy”: does Niv Demirel regret participating in “The Next Star”?

Last summer he came to the music reality of “Keshet 12”, a well-known singer with experience and quite a few hits. The singer’s name is Niv Demirel, who produced radio hits such as “The Weak Points”, “You Love Me the Way I Am” and especially the hit “The Little Hours”, which starred at the top of the Galgaltz song charts and here J. Demirel broke into consciousness in another reality show, “The Voice” , but as he testified in his audition, he did not reach the success he expected through the program. In his audition in “The Next Kochav”, Demirel sang his original song, “No Lech”, and managed to raise the curtain, when all the judges, Assaf Amdorski, Keren Pels, Ninet, Shiri Maimon, Itai Levy and Ran Dankar voted him blue, and won an amazing weighting of 90 percent of the votes.

Now, Demirel has released a new single, “There’s Nothing to Fear,” and spoke to 103FM’s Iris Cole about his participation in the reality show, the new song, and inner fears.

How was the next star for you? You didn’t get there from the start.
“Yes, I came with a slightly different mind.”

Was there anything to lose?
“I am a very honest person. I am always like that. There was an offer from ‘Teddy’, for years I was offered to come to all kinds of programs, both singing and not. I participated at the age of 19 in ‘De Weiss’, that was my first exposure. I left there, there was Nice. I thought that’s where the TV channels end, but it turns out not. I’m a very believing person, I said that I’m coming with my songs, with my voice, to reach another audience.”

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Give me a sign you got that you thought you should go there.
“It’s very much between myself and the Holy One, blessed be He. I don’t even know how to put my finger exactly, all kinds of little things.”

how are you in competitions Are you competitive?
“Good question. The truth is, not at all, I also said it there in all kinds of interviews and such, I don’t remember what went in and what didn’t. I don’t think music at all is a competition, everyone can produce what they can produce. I came for the exposure. To reach With my songs, my voice for more people who may not have known before.”

paid off?
“I’m a very believing person. This is the road, this is another stop on the way. I’m glad it happened. It’s nice. It doesn’t mean much to me. Pretty easy. It wasn’t easy because it’s very intense, I had my schedule. I left in the middle of filming to teach an artist class, I returned to my show, I didn’t sleep at night for the next shoot, all kinds of things that collided but that was the price. I’m happy”.

About his new song “There is nothing to fear”, said Demirel. “My old father, my good friend, also wrote ‘Maya’, which I released not long ago. We have several interesting projects on the agenda. Basically, I have many songs that deal with fears, even anxieties, all kinds of things like that. This song says something opposite, I took the It’s to a place of hope and faith. Even if it’s not clear exactly why, that’s largely the message.”

Is it internal fears?
“As soon as he writes, from my acquaintance with him and we also write together, I think it’s completely between him and himself. Sometimes writers don’t know at that moment what they’re doing at all, it falls to them in retrospect. I think it caught me, also in the general feedback I receive from people every One takes it to another place. This is a message that was important to me to convey. The name of the song was chosen very quickly.”

Assisted in the preparation of the article: Shani Romano, 103fm


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