Not only Messi versus Ronaldo: which of their wives is worth more money?

Not only Messi versus Ronaldo: which of their wives is worth more money?

Antonella Roccuzzo andGeorgina Rodriguez They are undoubtedly the two most famous and richest footballers’ wives in the world. After thatLeo Messi Won the World Cup and was chosen as the outstanding player of the tournament while Cristiano Ronaldo He was dismissed in tears and he is even having trouble finding a team for the next season, in “Marka” they revealed how much their wives are worth and who has more millions in the bank regardless of their partner.

Although Georgina depends on Ronaldo, the same cannot be said for Messi and Antonella. Although the Spaniard of Argentinian origin receives a considerable amount from her partner every month, she does not come close to the wealth of the wife of the new world champion. When she met CR7, Georgina was working as a saleswoman in a boutique in Madrid where her salary was 200 euros a week. After meeting the Portuguese ace, her life changed completely and she herself admitted that she enjoys the “luxury” life that she has since then. Ronaldo, in case you didn’t know, pays his partner 100,000 euros every month. This is a modest “pocket money” as a token of his attention for her care of their children.

Meanwhile, the 28-year-old footballer’s wife has managed to launch several fashion brands, and even takes advantage of her popularity and 42 million followers on Instagram, earning around 8,000 euros per post. Georgina’s wealth is estimated at 12 million euros, almost half of Antonella, whose fortune is estimated at more than 22 million. Although she is married to the world champion, the Argentinian soccer player’s wife is a presenter of several brands, and even opened a successful women’s shoe chain in South America. Unlike Georgina, Antonella is considered more modest and does not like to expose herself in public or show what she spends her money on. By the way, according to unofficial information, Messi is also richer than Ronaldo. Messi’s net worth is estimated at $600 million and Ronaldo’s at $100 million less than his biggest rival.


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