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The smartphone market was rocked last March by the announcement of a new smartphone with a distinctive name, Nothing, as its makers admitted that they were primarily aiming to compete with smartphone giant Apple.

After this phone was launched last July, and after most developers spent about a month examining it, reviews came out about it, which may be a strong reason to understand the capabilities of this phone, which some described as “legendary.”

Who is behind the Nothing phone?

This time the competition did not come from the most prolific source in the world of smartphone industries “China”, but Nothing is a company based in the English capital London, and was founded by a group of entrepreneurs of the new generation, led by “Carl B”, who co-founded the phone company Smartphone Oneplus, which made its way into the smartphone market years ago.

The company is also co-managed by a group of the world’s most prominent technology men, such as Kevin Lin, one of the founders of the Twitch platform, and Steve Hoffman, CEO of the famous Reddit platform, and the famous YouTube content creator Casey. Nestat”.

The company announced its first product, Nothing Phone One, last March, at a large conference presented by Tony Fadel, the creator of the “iPod” device, in which the company promised to provide a distinctive phone, running a system different from Android.

But the smart decision that the company made later was that it decided to use both systems together, meaning that the phone was announced to run both Android and Nothing’s new system, Nothing OS 1.1.0.

What are the specifications of the Nothing phone?

One of the most prominent things that users have commented is that the design of the Nothing phone is similar to the design of iPhone phones, and this loses the element of innovation, but the design came with one of the most prominent features that were promoted through it, the Glyph Lines, which are fonts built into the The back interface of the phone is illuminated with LED technology, and it can be controlled from the operating system, and it works automatically as a light source during filming or to announce an incoming call, which is the element that made the phone modern and fun and suits the dynamic life of young people and adults alike.

As for the technical specifications of the phone, they include the following:

– 6.5-inch screen size, 1080 x 2400 pixels, and weight 193.5 grams.

– High-definition OLED screen, supports up to one billion shades of colors and has a measurement rate of 120Hz.

Gorilla Glass 5 front, resistant to scratches, shocks and dust.

Supports Android 12 with Nothing OS 1.1.0.

Qualcomm SM7325-AE Snapdragon 778G+ 5G (6 nm) processor.

– The rear camera is a dual-lens with a resolution of 50 megapixels, and a front camera with a accuracy of 16 megapixels.

8 or 12 GB RAM, and up to 256 GB internal storage.

– Stereo audio outputs and Type-c audio output, does not support the traditional 3.5 output.

4500 mAh battery, with wired and wireless charging.

How about the performance of the Nothing phone?

All these specifications, along with a new operating system, have made Nothing earn a reputation as an “iPhone competitor”, which may attract a large segment of users.

Perhaps the most distinguishing feature of this phone so far from any other phone is the luminous design and graphics, as well as the strong and high-definition camera performance in it, and it may equal the quality of the previous iPhone XS version, and its performance is fast and strong.

In terms of price, there is a clear advantage in favor of the Nothing phone, which was launched at $ 745, compared to the last iPhone at $ 1,100, and the expected price of the new upcoming Apple phone is expected to be close to this price.


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