Novavax, Valneva: Which vaccines will soon be approved

Novavax – what makes the new vaccine so special

Novavax – what makes the new vaccine so special

At the beginning of August, the European Commission signed a contract: the member states can buy up 100 million doses of the Novavax vaccine. You can find out what is so special about this vaccine in this video.

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Many people in Germany are still not vaccinated. But new vaccines are coming soon. Can you get skeptics to rethink?


  • In Germany, Moderna and Biontech are mainly used for corona vaccines
  • But not everyone wants to be vaccinated with it because they have doubts about the mRNA technology
  • Hope is given by new protein and dead vaccines such as Novavax or Valneva. Which are coming soon?

In the fight against the coronavirus, vaccinations have become the most important means – at least in industrialized countries, where vaccine is abundant. But many people still do not want to be immunized with the mRNA vaccines from Biontech, Moderna or the vector vaccines from Astrazeneca and Johnson & Johnson. Because even if the Vaccines have been thoroughly examined prior to their approval, many people remain afraid of previously unknown and non-existent long-term effects. Read here: New dead vaccine produces surprising results.

At the same time, research is being carried out on new vaccines that work in a “classic” way. The three most promising candidates for approval in the European Union open two new ones Vaccine classes in the fight against Corona – those that have been used for other vaccinations for a long time. Read here which vaccines could soon be approved in the EU.

Valneva: The first dead vaccine against Corona

The Franco-Austrian company Valneva is currently in a phase 3 study with more than 4000 participants in Great Britain with its vaccine “VLA2001” – the development is already well advanced.

Contains in contrast to the previously approved vaccines “VLA2001” not only parts or components of the killed virus, but the entire inactivated virus. In this way, the Valneva vaccine works in a similar way to conventional vaccines against the flu or tetanus.

Initial results of the Phase 3 study in the UK see the Valneva vaccine on the right track: “These results suggest that this vaccine candidate is well on the way to becoming a important role to play in the fight against the pandemic, “said Adam Finn, director of studies and professor of pediatrics at Bristol University, in a company press release on October 18.

However, it will take some time until the dead vaccine is approved, says Prof. Dr. Uwe Gerd Liebert, the former director of the Institute for Virology at Leipzig University Hospital, the MDR: “Even if the results of the phase 3 study are good, it will take a while before the active ingredient is approved. Because it doesn’t just have to be effective, but also for sure be.”

Novavax: vaccine could come in 2021

The vaccine “NVX-CoV2373” comes from the US company Novavax and is a protein-based active ingredient. It contains components of the so-called spike protein – a protein on the surface of Sars-Cov2 viruses. The body’s own defense system can react to the protein and thus build up protection against Covid-19.

In a phase 3 study with over 30,000 participants in the USA and Mexico, the Novavax-Vaccine get good results. After vaccination with “NVX-CoV2373”, the risk of asymptomatic infections or mild illnesses was reduced by at least 83 percent, and the risk for moderate to severe illnesses by at least 87 percent, according to the preliminary publication of the study results on October 10, 2021.

“NVX-CoV2373” could still be in fourth quarter of 2021 be allowed. An accelerated test procedure has been running in the EU since February, and the EU has already agreed on a supply contract with Novavax. “The expectation is that it will hopefully be available by the end of the year,” says Dr. Uta-Katharina Schmidt-Göhrich, specialist in internal medicine and member of the Saxon vaccination commission of the MDR.

Last Wednesday, Novavax applied for marketing authorization in the European Union. The Amsterdam-based EU Medicines Agency (EMA) announced on Wednesday that it had already started testing and that it is expected to announce a decision in “a few weeks”. Novavax is mistakenly called a dead vaccine. Karl Lauterbach now clarified that it was a mistake. Read about it: Novavax no dead vaccine at all? Lauterbach clears up

Vidprevtyn: vaccine with unknown approval date

Another protein-based vaccine is being made by the French company Sanofi Pasteur developed. Information on the effectiveness and possible side effects of the vaccine called Vidprevtyn is not yet available.

This is because the European Medicines Agency only started an accelerated approval process, the so-called “rolling review”, in July. This means that study data can be submitted and evaluated during the ongoing approval process – before all clinical data are available. Because the vaccine is still in the approval process, there is no reliable information about when Vidprevtyn will be available in Germany.

CoVac-1 gives good results

The next hopeful vaccine is called CoVac-1 and is neither a dead vaccine nor is it based on mRNA, but on proteins. It could convince skeptics who are not opposed to vaccination, but who are waiting for a gentle alternative to the established preparations.

It was previously assumed that protein-based vaccines such as CoVac-1 are better tolerated, but that they do not induce as strong an immune response as the preparations from Biontech and Moderna.

The result of the phase I study with 36 healthy test subjects between 18 and 80 years, which the Tübingen University Hospital announced in the evening, was all the more surprising. The study, which started in November 2020, proves “a potent activation of the T-cell response against the coronavirus”.

  • A broad and strong immune response after four weeks, which continued afterwards.
  • Same effectiveness with all SARS-CoV-2 variants, i.e. also with Delta.
  • Stronger reactions than those who have recovered after infection or even when vaccinated with the approved mRNA or vector vaccines.


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