November 25: one year after his death, everyone is talking about Diego Armando Maradona

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November 25: one year after his death, Diego Armando Maradona continues to be talked about. Not just good

Exactly one year has passed since the death of Diego Armando Maradona, the myth of football. The anniversary of November 25 will certainly not go unnoticed, given the many initiatives in memory of the number 10. It comes out today “It was the hand of God”, the film by Paolo Sorrentino who intertwines his own painful childhood memory with the prowess of what he defines as “a friend”, even though he has never met him: “Friends are people who also give you gifts. Maradona was my friend even if I never met him, because he gave away football art like Pino Daniele gave away musical art and Massimo Troisi gave away cinematographic art. Therefore they have been and remain friends of all those who loved them, ”he told Corriere della Sera.

From the Amazon series to the thematic channel

Amazon Prime Video makes available today the final episode – the number 10 – of “Maradona: Blessed Dream”, the beautiful series dedicated to the life and exploits of the idol of the Napoli fans, to whom a thematic channel is even dedicated. It was launched by Pluto TV, ViacomCBS’s streaming platform, which, again on the occasion of November 25, baptizes the channel “Maradona Without Cortes”. Instead, Sky played in advance, on which it is already available from the 24th “Maradona, son of Naples”, documentary that tells how Naples experienced the detachment from its favorite son through the words of the eldest son and all those who “have not seen Maradona” but grew up in his myth.

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Diego Junior against the former manager Stefano Ceci

Her eldest son is Diego Junior, born of an extramarital affair with Cristiana Sinagra and recognized by the Argentine champion only years later. He himself launches a controversy against the Napoli team, which in honor of the legend wore a special shirt depicting the face of the “Dièz”. Well, the heir announces legal action: “We have not been involved and we have never given consent to this operation. The authorization was signed by Stefano Ceci, who was dad’s manager. Ceci is now no longer his manager and we heirs are the only deputies to sign this type of authorization. A contract that no longer exists was considered valid and therefore we will take legal action “, finally specifying that it intends to take action against Ceci and not against Neapolitan society.

Maradona: the statues of discord

Diego’s heirs are angry with Ceci for not having involved them even in the creation of the statue of the champion, positioned inside the stadium that today bears his name. Worse, however, has gone with the statue of the Pibe de Oro that will be placed in Via Marino: with a terrible gaffe, the ball was placed on the right foot, while Maradona was notoriously left-handed (“also in the way of thinking”, Diego said, alluding to his political positions).

Spotify and Il Sole 24 Ore recall the Pibe

The anniversary of Maradona’s death also engages Spotify, which just today launches the podcast in six episodes “The last days of Maradona”, a survey by Mariano Pagella on the Argentine’s sporting achievements, with interviews with those who knew him in private life. To interpret the podcast in the Italian version is the actor Salvatore Esposito, protagonist of the famous TV series “Gomorra” and of the international series “Fargo” as well as a great fan of Napoli, who in 2017 managed to fulfill his dream of meeting the Argentine champion. Il Sole 24 Ore offers the book instead “The treasure of Maradona”, second volume of the series “River of money”, evolution of the multimedia format of investigation by journalists Roberto Galullo and Angelo Mincuzzi. The book is available on newsstands for one month from Tuesday 23 November and in bookstores it will be available from 2 December.

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The moving memory of the daughter

One year after his death, his daughter Giannina has published a truly moving video, in which she addresses her father words of great affection: “I am comforted to know that I have always given you everything (…). In a world full of hypocrites, the real, the different, those who live without asking for explanations and do what they hear and say are the crazy, the sons of bitches. I will not give up. I don’t carry 10 on my back, but your name and legacy will live on in me. The more they want to make me fall, the more I’ll get up. I love you and will miss you until we meet again. Thank you for protecting us from there too ”.

The son-in-law Osvaldo and the very serious accusations of Mavys Alvarez

Talking about Maradona is also Giannina’s partner, the former footballer of Juve, Inter and Rome Daniel Osvaldo. The Italian-Argentine striker took it out on the rapper Nicki nicole for calling Diego an “abuser”: “I think that girl doesn’t even know who Maradona was. Maradona was the one who made us known all over the world, the most Argentine of all, “said Osvaldo. However, this is not the worst thing said in recent days about Maradona. The Cuban Mavys alvarez, who is currently 37, accused the former champion of raping her when she was 16. A very serious accusation in any case and especially today: November 25 is “also” the day dedicated to the fight against violence against women.

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