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Two massacres in one week. Eight deaths in Atlanta, Tuesday March 16; 10 in Boulder, Colorado, Monday 22. Investigations are still ongoing and we do not fully know the motives of the two killers. Six Asian women working in message centers were killed in Atlanta; in Boulder, a Denver suburb, shoppers from a supermarket. The double carnage, however, has shaken public opinion, overshadowing the good news coming from the vaccine front and the administration campaign.

Now the country, as can be seen from the first comments on the network, on the sites some newspapers and on TV, Joe Biden’s intervention is expected. In the electoral platform of the American president there is a long chapter dedicated to arms control. We know that sale and possession are guaranteed by the Second Amendment of the Constitution. Biden does not want, nor could, unhinge it. In the United States, there is no political majority to call it into question (two-thirds of the MPs in each House are needed to start the procedure). But the Democratic Party has been trying for years to introduce more stringent constraints into one of the most complicated and loophole-filled legislations in the entire system.

In 2018, a vibrant movement was born, led by the boys and the girls who survived the massacre of 14 high school students in Parkland, Florida. It seemed like the right time. Large demonstrations in Washington, legislative provisions ready in Congress. The Chamber, controlled by the Democrats, approved some measures: more thorough and more time control over arms buyers. The bills were, however, blocked by the Republicans who controlled the Senate. Now, with Congress in the hands of the Democrats, those provisions could pass: there is already the go-ahead from the House, but the Senate is missing.

However, the history of the massacres shows us as almost always the killer used assault rifles, capable of firing repeating shots in a very short time. For some time, victims’ associations and activists have simply been asking for a ban on semi-automatic machine guns, such as the Ar-15, the deadly instrument of so many massacres. This would be a real change of pace, perhaps to be completed with a ban on the sale of guns and rifles online. We’ll see if the gun issue will rise on Biden’s list of priorities.

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