Now is the best time to replace the paper waste payment notice with an electronic one

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The more papers, the more trouble. If you order an electronic one instead of a paper payment notification, it would be one less worry.
For this, you only need to log in to the self-service website of the Alytus Region Waste Management Center In the “My services” section, select the position “Edit” and enter the e-mail address you use in the field that opens. To check whether you have entered correctly, check the box “Do not send paper payment notifications by post” and save this information.
Payment notices are sent to residents once a year. For companies – once a month.
A growing number of service providers are moving away from costly paper bill mailings in favor of electronic billing, and some regional waste management centers around the country have already charged for sending and printing paper notices this year.
The waste management center of the Alytus region also plans to gradually switch to only electronic billing for services.

Five reasons why you should order an electronic payment notification:
the electronic payment notification is sent earlier than the paper one
the electronic payment notification is not lost
it is not returned to the sender if the postman finds the mailbox untidy or unlocked
after ordering an electronic notification and paying the fee for the whole year at once, the residents are entitled to a discount set by the municipality
the funds of the municipal budget and all toll payers, as well as natural and energy resources, are saved.

By the decision of the Birštonas municipal council, the next year’s toll for its payers is reduced by 3%, when the payer orders to receive payment notifications only by e-mail and the toll for the entire tax period on the ARATC website pay in one transfer until July 1.

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