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from Viviana Mazza

Republican, daughter of Dick Cheney, Vice President of the Commission on January 6, Donald Trump’s strongest domestic opponent. She could now prepare her candidacy for the Republican primary of 2024

NEW YORK – This election is over, now the real work begins. was the defeat was clear and obvious last night by Liz Cheney in the Wyoming Republican primary. But her real rival was never Harriet Hageman, who was once her ally and who will take the seat Liz had inherited from her father Dick. His real rival was and remains Donald Trump.

Two years ago I won with 73%, and I could have done the same this time, but it would have required us to indulge Trump’s lies, that I would allow him to attack the foundations of our Republic, Cheney said in his concession speech. If we don’t condemn conspiracy theories and lies, this will become a feature of all elections, and America will never be the same. Some believe Liz Cheney will run for the presidency, in the 2024 Republican primary against Trump. In his speech by him, full of references to American history, he recalled that Abraham Lincoln was defeated twice, in the Senate and in the House, before winning his most important election. Many references to the Civil War. Cheney also recounted how Ulysses S. Grant refused to retreat and led the Union army to victory. Lincoln and Grant, and everyone who fought in the tragic Civil War, including my own great-great-grandparents, saved our Union. Their courage saved freedom. Now they tell us not to squander what so many have died to defend.

Cheney has offered his hand to Democrats and independents, working hard to defeat Trump and Trumpism. Strange to see progressives backing a Cheney – some Democrats signed up as Republicans to vote for her, Kevin Costner posed in a cowboy hat and I’m for Liz Cheney t-shirt. The 13 million you raised for the election campaign almost all come from outside of Wyoming. Liz the daughter of former Bush vice president, 81-year-old Dick Cheney aka Darth Vader and considered by progressives to be a war criminal (for Iraq). Her father offered her support with a video of her calling Trump a coward and yesterday she voted alongside her daughter. If progressives who disagreed with her (and still disagree with her conservative views of her) adore her for anti-Trumpism, some of those who once agreed with her now threaten her with death. . She herself got along with Trump 93% of the time when he was president until he lost and refused to admit defeat in 2020.

The fall of the vice president of the House Commission – made up of seven Democrats and two Republicans – who is investigating the attack on the Capitol on January 6 is a trophy that Trump can hang on the wall along with others. The former president promised to purge the Republican party of its critics and yesterday cheered on Hageman’s victory and criticized Cheney’s bad and hypocritical words. Of the ten Republicans who voted for his impeachment, all but two have either been defeated in the primary or have announced they will not run again. Cheney recalled his role on the Commission (he considers it the most important thing he has ever done), recalling all Americans: No citizen of this republic can stand by. We cannot abandon the truth and remain a free nation. To the surprise of some, he also spoke of the Mar-a-Lago search, to point out that just as Trump aroused his supporters on January 6, he did so on August 8, accusing the FBI of planting false evidence in him. residence of him.

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