“Now the third wave has started”

Time.news – “Now the third wave has started, once again untimely political interventions “. This was stated by Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Gimbe Foundation to the microphones of” Italy has awakened “, on Radio Cusano Campus.” The apparent flat calm that began on January 20 ended on February 20 , for two weeks the curve has begun to rise – he added – the number of cases in itself does not matter, but every 100 cases 5 go to hospital and 0.5 go to intensive care. Aside from very small regional variations, this is the statistic. For this reason today we have 28% of the saturation of intensive care at national level, but in some regions they are well over the 30% threshold “.

“The more hospitals fill up so much – explained Cartabellotta – the more space they take away from patients with other pathologies, the so-called cannibalization of covid patients. The impact on people’s health does not only depend on the covid disease, but depends on the overload of hospitals that this entails. We also have weak tracking, in some regions those who did tracking are now dealing with vaccines. These are important aspects that we have to deal with “.

“The political world – underlined the president of the Gimbe Foundation – has not understood one of the fundamental problems for months: us today we see the infections of about 2-3 weeks ago, therefore, decisions must be made in a timely manner. The goal was to make targeted closures, but these had to be much more timely. The package of measures is a political decision which, however, must take into account that the cover is very short, if we allow reopening on one side we must close on the other, we cannot afford who knows what reopening at this time. The third wave has now started and it is up to politics to make decisions “.



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