Now you can easily create stickers in WhatsApp, for now only in the browser

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WhatsApp is launching a welcome and usual innovation – one that has been around for years with most competitors. It is a sticker creation tool that allows users to create new stickers relatively easily, based on existing images. This innovation comes first and foremost to the browser version of WhatsApp, with no information at the moment when it will be extended to mobile applications as well.

To create a new sticker, enter the browser version (assuming it is of course already linked to the user account), select a conversation window and then the emoji delivery option and the sticker icon (third from the right). The first option in the menu now will be an empty gray square with the word Create in it, and by clicking on it you can select the image saved for the computer to turn it into a new sticker.

The sticker itself will first appear inside the WhatsApp photo editor, so you can add text, emoji symbols, or just draw on it. When everything is ready you can save the new sticker, and from that moment it will appear in the user’s sticker list. For some reason, the stickers are not automatically copied to the mobile app, and to send them from there you will first need to manually save the sticker from one of the calls used.

Over the next few days, the stick generator is expected to reach all users of the browser version of WhatsApp, while next month the company is also expected to launch it for the official app for Windows and Macs. As for the mobile app, as mentioned, WhatsApp has not shared any clear deadline for launching the new service even for smartphones.

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