WhatsApp becomes a little less unbearable with a feature update. Instead of giving you a little more than an hour to regret a message you sent, you now have whole days

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In the last decade, a significant part of the world has moved to using WhatsApp more than it uses its smartphone as a phone, even though we all know that WhatsApp is a far from perfect application. It now takes a significant step towards becoming a little more advanced – and significantly extends the amount of time you have to delete a message you have sent.

Well past the hour

It’s hard to believe, but it wasn’t until 2017 that WhatsApp added the feature of deleting the messages you sent, and at the time it only allowed you to do it within 7 minutes of sending the message. Later, she upgraded this duration to just over an hour. Now, WhatsApp officially announces that this period of time is extended to two whole days. Yes, 48 ​​sweet hours of regrets and time to remember that embarrassing message you sent in the “Gan Carmel with the Kindergarten” group instead of to a friend. Let’s recall that last week WhatsApp announced that group administrators will be able to delete messages from other users – so it seems that the company has shifted gears in regards to deleting messages.

In Telegram – the app that can teach meta-Facebook-WhatsApp how to build a messaging app – starting in 2019 you can already delete messages from private chats whenever you want (and this is the time to remind you that we have an official Telegram channel. Haven’t you joined yet? What are you waiting for? to Marvel’s Phase 6?). So Telegram still has the upper hand when it comes to flexibility and ease of use.

There is something you should put on yourself

But before you rush to send inappropriate messages to people just to see if you can delete them in retrospect, there is something you should pay attention to: in order for your message to actually be deleted in the new time period, everyone who received your message needs to be updated to the latest version of WhatsApp, right for today. This means that if you sent a message to a group of hundreds of people, and one of them did not update his WhatsApp, he will be able to see the message – and no, you will not receive an alert telling you that the message has not been deleted by a user. So use the feature wisely, and update your WhatsApp in the app store closest to your place of residence.

We, in the meantime, will continue to wait for the edit message button.

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More such stories are waiting for you now
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