Nuki upgrades its digital lock

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Dhe future of keys is digital, says Nuki, an Austrian smart home specialist. They put this idea into practice for the first time three years ago with the Nuki door guard. It recognizes Bluetooth signals and automatically unlocks as soon as its owner approaches with the smartphone. Other locking systems also master this technology, but Nuki brought original details into play. So you don’t have to replace the lock cylinder; The existing conventional key is used to unlock and lock it, which is turned by a motorized attachment.

Version 3.0 of the Nuki lock is now available at a lower starting price of 149 euros. Version 3.0 Pro costs 100 euros more. They can be recognized by an aluminum knob and can be ordered with a black or white housing. Inside is a battery pack that can refresh its energy supply. And its electronics not only establish Bluetooth contacts, but also a connection to the WLAN. The home network contact is used to manage access rights. Up to 200 people can be equipped with locking authorizations.

Smart home and voice control systems can also be integrated. Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and Siri can unlock the door on command, Apple Homekit can automatically switch on the light. A new addition to the Nuki range is a sensor that reports via the app whether the door is really closed.

The assembly is simple: if the locking cylinder is long enough, three screws can clamp the digital locksmith in place, otherwise it can be fixed to the door plate with an adhesive film.


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