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The United States is working with Germany and the European Union to delay the launch of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline. Victoria Nuland, Deputy Secretary of State for Political Affairs of the United States, announced this during a briefing on Tuesday, January 11. According to her, Washington is currently working with Germany and the European Union to slow down their consideration of the issue of using the pipeline.

The current German authorities have taken significant steps for this, and also reaffirmed the agreements reached with the previous government on the future of Nord Stream 2 in the event of Russian aggression against Ukraine, Nuland said. In this state of affairs, the work of the gas pipeline will be suspended, said a spokeswoman for the State Department.

The construction of Nord Stream 2 was completed in early September 2021. In mid-November, the Federal Network Agency suspended the pipeline certification procedure, noting that it would become possible only after the operator Nord Stream 2 AG, based in the Swiss city of Zug, submits documents on the creation of a separate company in Germany to manage SP-2. …

The US State Department explained who has the right to make decisions on NATO membership

In addition, Nuland assessed the talks between the West and the Kremlin on security issues. She described the consultations held in Geneva between the US and the Russian Federation at the level of deputy foreign ministers as “constructive.” At the same time, the United States Deputy Secretary of State did not ignore the Kremlin’s demands for “security guarantees,” including NATO’s refusal to expand eastward and admit Ukraine.

Membership decisions in the North Atlantic Alliance remain with the applicant country and 30 NATO member states. No one else has the right to vote or veto these decisions, Nuland said.

A spokeswoman for the State Department warned Moscow against further aggression against Ukraine. If Russia invades a neighboring state or destabilizes the situation, Washington, instead of with allies and partners, is ready to introduce penalties, including previously unused ones, which will significantly affect the economy and financial system of the Russian Federation, Nuland said.

Nuland – on the troops of the Russian Federation on the border with Ukraine

In 2021, Russia transferred about 100 thousand servicemen to the annexed Crimea and to the border with Ukraine, explaining this with exercises. Western leaders fear Moscow is preparing for war. Russia, on the other hand, denies plans for a military operation and accuses Western countries of arming Ukraine and conducting maneuvers near the borders of the Russian Federation.

The Russians should pay attention to the financial side of the deployment of troops on the Ukrainian border, said the US Deputy Secretary of State. Accommodation of hundreds of thousands of military personnel, equipment and weapons (on the border of the Russian Federation and Ukraine. – Ed.) is extremely expensive, she noted. “If I had Russian citizenship, I would like these funds to be directed to health care, education or roads, <...> and did not get lost in a large volume in the created crisis, “the deputy head of the State Department emphasized.

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