Number of monkey pox cases rises by 50 to just above 400 –

BILTHOVEN (AP) – The monkeypox virus continues to spread rapidly in the Netherlands. Fifty more people have tested positive in recent days. The total number of confirmed infections has thus risen to 402. Last Monday, the counter of the National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) stood at 352 cases.

114 infections have come to light in the past seven days. That is almost the fastest weekly increase since the monkeypox virus first appeared in the Netherlands. The number of cases has doubled in two weeks.

Among the people who have contracted the virus is a child of primary school age. It is not known how that child became infected, but according to the RIVM there is no suspicion of abuse. The virus spreads through skin-to-skin contact, which can happen in ways other than sex.

blisters on the skin

The other infected people are men, and most of them are men who have sex with men. It was previously announced that some of the infected men have been to the Darklands Festival in Belgium. This fetish festival was identified as a possible fire source. Darklands was held about two months ago, from May 4-9. After the infection it can take 5 to 21 days before people get the first symptoms. That means the people who are now testing positive did not contract the virus on Darklands.

RIVM warned last week that the upcoming pride events in Amsterdam and other cities could lead to “more intensive spread” of the monkeypox virus within the Netherlands. The most famous pride in the Netherlands, Pride Amsterdam, is held from July 30 to August 7. At the end of July there are also Pink Wednesday in Nijmegen, Pink Monday in Tilburg, Pride Amersfoort and the Milkshake Festival in Amsterdam.

Those who contract monkey pox can suffer from fever, headache, muscle aches and general malaise. After a few days, a rash with blisters appears on the skin. Usually people don’t get very sick from an infection. One patient in the Netherlands has been in hospital to be treated for skin complaints associated with the infection. He has recovered and is back home.


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