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Million Day, draw today Tuesday 16 March 2021: 1 16 24 51 55. Discover also today, like every day, the winning numbers and the combination of the Lottomatica game. The Million Day draw on Tuesday 16 March will take place, as usual, around 7pm.

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Million Day draw today Tuesday 16th March 2021

The five winning numbers for today Tuesday 16 March are: 1 16 24 51 55.

How to play on Million Day

You have to fill in a ticket by choosing 5 numbers from 1 to 55 and wait for the draw. The extraction of the 5 winning numbers takes place every day and is carried out, through an automated computer system, at 19:00.

here is the regulation dell’Million Day draw.

Participation in the game takes place by filling in the pre-game ticket, also via digital devices, or by communicating the numbers to be played to the receiver by voice and by participating remotely on the game channels made available by authorized points of sale. The stakes are set at 1 euro.

Different types of bets can be made:

  • Single bet: 5 numbers are predicted, the amount of the bet is fixed at 1 euro.
  • Multiple play: it is possible to make several single bets, up to a maximum of 10 in a single receipt, each at a cost of 1 euro.
  • Then the system game: it is possible to predict up to 9 numbers generating a plurality of bets up to a maximum of 126 bets.

Million Day Winnings

  • 2 numbers: 2 euros.
  • 3 numbers: 50 euros.
  • 4 numbers: 1000 euros.
  • 5 numbers: 1000000 euros.

Here the previous extraction. To check your winnings, you can use the Million Day app or on the Lottomatica and / or AAMS website. Next draw on Wednesday 17th March.

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