Nurses on the Italian seafront, in organized centers, helping hospitals

A film that we would never want to see again this summer: first aid again on tilt, increase in physiological hospitalizations and shortage of nurses (in Italy there are 80,000 missing) now really exhausted.

The nurses union Nursing Up proposes health care facilities on the Italian long-term routes to lighten the burden on the territory and in particular on hospitals.

“While the Government and the Regions have the duty to build, in synergy, a prevention campaign to urge citizens not to let their guard down in the face of the virus – reads the press release – on the other hand, hospital loads must certainly be streamlined, where admissions and the presence of patients in emergency rooms are only strictly necessary and linked to serious pathologies, since the staff, between structural gaps, sacrosanct holidays and those 80 thousand nurses who are missing from the call throughout Italy, is already strongly tried. We are comforted by the initiative of some municipalities, such as that of Pisa, which with a brilliant autonomous action, has installed a first aid station along the Tuscan coast, acting concretely with private cooperatives of nurses and other volunteers “.

And he continues: “We publicly address our proposal directly to the President of the Regions, Fedriga. Insert nursing assistance in the holiday cities, near the beaches, and not only for first aid activities, because nursing professionals can do so much more, it would be only a small but extraordinary example of that indispensable planning that the Regions must implement. All this in order to improve health services, which never as in this summer, of partial return to life, can take immense advantage from first aid less crowded, where nurses and doctors should take care of the most serious cases every day, every minute, as they have always done “.


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