Nutrition: Clean eating for a week – the nutritional trend makes so much sense

Nutrition: Clean eating for a week – the nutritional trend makes so much sense

2023-08-10 15:18:00

Eating right, i.e. eating healthily, doing sports at the same time and having the rest of everyday life under control – all together not that easy. And which of all these trending diets and nutritional tips is really worth it? WELT editor Britta Sieling tries to find out exactly that in regular seven-day tests. You can see whether and how they succeed in their video diaries.

This episode is about clean eating.

An excerpt from the transcript:

Britta: Can I also use frozen food or sugar-free preserves, such as beans that are pre-cooked? Where is the limit then? So where does clean eating end?

Prof. Dr. Hans Hauner: Yes, for the clean eating protagonists this is of course the fall from grace. But now, from my point of view, no problem at all if you also buy and use frozen food. That’s really clean. It is harvested and stored in the best possible way, and is then also really fresh in a certain way. All important nutrients are well preserved. Clean eating is certainly healthy in terms of composition and corresponds almost approximately to the 10 rules of the DGE. But it’s a lot of little rules that don’t really make sense in a way. It’s more the philosophy and ideology behind it. But that means that you have to look very closely: It’s a relatively big effort. You also have to spend a lot of money to always get fresh vegetables and fresh fruits. And that’s actually my criticism: It’s relatively complex.

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