Nutrition Weekly by : Nattu Visesham

Conducted nutritional week

Monday, September 26, 2022 1:01 AM ACTUAL

Chenperi: Eruvesi Grama Panchayat ICD as part of Potion Masacharan Nutrition Week was organized under the leadership of AS. Inaugurated by President Tesi Emmanuel at the Panchayat Conference Hall. ytu. Vice President Madhu Totti presided. A food exhibition was organized with more than fifty varieties of food. came Panchayatgam Sheeja Shibu, Supervisor Narayani, CDS Chairperson Rson Susamma Varghese, Secretary Robert Joseph, Assistant Secretary Bijoy, VEOs Liju, Shaji, Agriculture Officer Jinu, Ayurveda Dr. Ctr Ampli, Health Inspector Rajesh, Srinivasan, Jineesh, Nirma La Kumari, Lizzy, Bindu, Shelly, Christina, Staff members, Anganwadi staff, Chemperi Nir Students of Mala High School participated.


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