Nuwa Pen turns everything written on paper into digital data –

Nuwa Pen turns everything written on paper into digital data –

instead of money with iPad Pro and Apple Pencil all the way Nuwa Pen is another option that performs similar tasks for a smaller amount, which Nuwa Pen The price is only 179 dollars or about. 5,858 Thai baht (It’s a pre-order price) that digitizes everything you write in real-time.

Nuwa Pen just been announced at the event CES 2023 pen This one Outwardly it looks like a normal pen, but inside it is full of smooth performance. Its awesomeness comes from a built-in motion sensor and three cameras in the nib that capture everything you’re writing down.

Whether it’s a post-it note Essays or everything you write down can be digitized. You can view what you have written through the app. This one can too

Appearance of the pen This one looks like a regular pen There are no wires to look at. It also looks very nice to use and only the tip is where the sensor is attached to the camera. The pen’s support for infrared light sensors also helps. This one Can work in low light with a pen This one Supports up to 4,096 pressure levels

Thanks to the combination of different sensors working together, it is possible to record the messages you write in high quality with your own unique handwriting. Because handwriting represents the most profound form of the writer’s thoughts.

The pen works using standard cartridges. D1 That can be easily replaced when the ink runs out. Replacing the filter is also very easy and can be done without the help of a professional. when fully charged This one Can be used for up to 2 hours, can be easily recharged by placing the pen on the charger. The pen only starts working when the nib touches the paper to intelligently optimize battery usage.

Everything written down is digitized and shared on paper via Bluetooth to your phone. You can use the app. This one To sync with the notes you take and can also back up via the cloud or even share the notes with team members via media. various social media or through apps like This one can

The app itself is completely free, although there is a paid version available as a premium that includes some additional features such as: OCR This converts your handwritten text into editable characters.



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