Nvidia did not renew the license for cloud gaming for Russian companies

The American company Nvidia refused to renew and sell licenses for its cloud gaming software to Russian companies, Vitaly Starodubov, founder of the Loudplay service, told Kommersant. Nvidia technologies allowed companies to optimize hardware performance and connect more players at the same time. The services of the service are also used by Sberbank and Yandex.

As Mr. Starodubov explained, Nvidia did not renew the licenses for the Nvidia Grid system, which allows splitting the cores on a server video card, which made it possible to connect a large number of users to cloud services. As a result, Russian companies may start raising prices for their services. If earlier the company could provide eight players at once from one server with two Nvidia Grid cards, now it can only provide two,” he explained.

According to the interlocutor of “Kommersant” in the IT market, the company has not yet blocked the current licenses. In his opinion, the company hopes to return to Russia.

Nvidia Grid technology has also been used on Yandex and Sberbank supercomputers. Yandex said that supercomputers “continue to operate in standard mode.” Sberbank declined to comment.

In March, Nvidia stopped deliveries of its equipment to Russia due to the entry of Russian troops into Ukraine. In addition to it, sales of services to Russian customers were stopped by Microsoft, AMD, Intel and many other software vendors.

Read more about Nvidia’s decision in Kommersant’s article “You can’t play with Nvidia.”

Even more news is in the Kommersant Telegram channel.

Olesya Pavlenko


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