Nvidia is preparing to unveil new artificial intelligence technologies at its annual conference

The CEO of the company is expected to disclose Nvidia Corp (NVDA.O) Jensen Huang unveiled new AI chips and technologies at the company’s annual software developer conference on Tuesday, where analysts will be watching the Santa Clara, Calif., company for more details on how it plans to expand access to processing power, such as savings on used items. . In the development of fast growing technologies such as Chatbot ChatGPT.

AndLast month, Huang told investors it would launch its own cloud computing service to provide easier access to large systems built using its chips. On its website, the company said it will discuss in a conference call on Tuesday the “next thing” in the field. Artificial intelligence is where I’m at nvidia The company dominates the business of selling chips used to develop generative AI technologies, which can answer questions with human-like text or create new images based on a text message.


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