NVIDIA sends new drivers DLSS feature support for RTX 4080 GPU, 2x faster!

NVIDIA sends new drivers  DLSS feature support for RTX 4080 GPU, 2x faster!

NVIDIA Launched a high-end graphics card like GeForce RTX 4080 architecture There’s Lovelace New in September 2022. The graphics card goes on sale in November 2022.

Shortly after the sale, NVIDIA released drivers. Game Ready For new graphics cards like GeForce RTX 4080 GPU which adds feature support DLSS and DLSS 3 for better gaming performance

pc games like Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales Upcoming is a game that uses very high PC resources and therefore requires features like NVIDIA DLSS DLSS 3, NVIDIA DLAA, NVIDIA Reflex, Ray-trace reflections and ray-trace shadows come to the rescue because the game is full of features and game details that are very realistic.

GeForce RTX series GPU 40 can use the feature DLSS 3 to speed up the performance of the display by 2 times, making it possible to play games 120 FPS detail 4K

in addition Game Ready Driver Also added support for using technology. RTX fully in Warhammer 40,000: Darktide and World of Warcraft: Dragonflight

NVIDIA also added update DLAA to famous games like Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak also including updates DLSS 3 for WRC Generations – The FIA ​​WRC Official Game

That’s not all. This new driver also supports HDR10+ Feature performance improvements DLSS 3 for G-SYNC and VSYNC, CUDA 12 Also known as this update via NVIDIA has arranged a lot of weight

Let’s take a look at the driver’s event. NVIDIA Game Ready that are coming up soon

  • competition Need for Speed ​​Unbound The race also started on November 29th. DLSS 3
  • DLSS 2 Super Resolution Updating to use with Forza Horizon 5 (available now), Titan Station (available now), Valkyrie Elysium (available now), Ballads of Hongye (available now), Frozen Flame (Nov. 17), Evil West (Nov. 22) and Gungrave GORE (22 Nov.)
  • Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak will add update NVIDIA DLAA in november
  • NVIDIA Reflex An update has been added to the game. A Plague Tale: Requiem, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II, DOTA 2, Justice, Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered, WRC Generations – The FIA ​​WRC Official Game และ SUPER PEOPLE
  • In November, a compatible mouse was also released. NVIDIA Reflex seven new characters, which work with GeForce Experience and game monitor NVIDIA Reflex To measure the delay time of the system from end to end. From mouse clicks to every action that takes place in the game. shown on your display.
  • Game Ready Driver New offers the best experience in World of Warcraft: Dragonflight
  • Game Ready Driver new supports DLSS 3 official for VSYNC on supported monitors and TVs G-SYNC and G-SYNC So gamers can enjoy a responsive and buffer-free experience while enjoying the game.
  • NVIDIA RTX IO which is a technology suite that enables loading using GPU Fast and compressed game content Supported and updated already available in Game Ready Driver our new for DirectStorage 1.1 and RTX IO Vulkan Extensions on RTX graphics cards GeForce 20, 30 and 40 Series
  • Driver Game Ready New support for gaming standards HDR10+ on the graphics card GeForce RTX and GeForce GTX 16 Series and a laptop when using the command NVAPI v2 HDR Our new developer can add HDR10+ into your own game Make the color display more beautiful and accurate.

New Game Ready Driver Has updated the list of supported monitors. G-SYNC All 12 models can see the name of each screen model as shown below.

  • AOC AG275QX
  • AOC AG325QX
  • AOC PD27S
  • AOC Q32G3WG3
  • ASUS VG249QM1A
  • Corsair 32QHD240
  • Eve ES07D02
  • Philips 27M1N5900
  • Philips TV FTV OLED907
  • Philips TV FTV OLED937

Driver Game Ready new supports CUDA latest version CUDA 12 which drives the software development platform. AI world-leading NVIDIA As part of this platform is supporting NVIDIA RAPIDS and Learning Deep Learning It is the core software package and an important learning resource.

Previously available on Linux only, but now it’s available for Windows 11 running on Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL).

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