NVIDIA’s new RTX 3090 Ti is its most powerful and expensive card, but do not worry, you can not get one

It’s expensive with strong specs – and not sure it’s worth its money. But it does not really matter because you probably will not be able to purchase it

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In the last two years, the take-off of crypto and the chip crisis have made the purchase of a graphics processor or an advanced video card a particularly difficult task, involving speculation in coveted and limited cards. But that doesn’t stop Anvidia from now announcing its new graphics card, which comes with an unusual price tag.

And that’s before we talked about your electricity bill

Anvidia announced last night (Tuesday) its most powerful graphics card for the consumer market – RTX 3090 Ti – the big brother of the RTX 3090 which is considered a monster in itself. The new card comes with more than ten thousand CUDA cores – an improvement of less than 3% in the number of cores compared to the regular 3090; And performance of 78 tera-flops in Ray Tracing and 320 tera-flops for dedicated AI processing (also known as Tensor TFLOPs).

Aside from this difference, there are a lot of similarities between the two: both come with 24GB of GDDR6X memory at 21Gbps, and the Ti has a slight advantage in terms of memory bandwidth (1,008 gigabytes per second compared to 936 gigabytes per second at the standard 3090). Anvidia explains that the new card is intended for heavy gamers, including gaming in 8K; But at the same time it is also suitable for content creators who use to render content in 8K and run several heavy tasks at the same time.

However, from initial tests that have already surfaced online it seems that its advantages over the RTX 3090 are quite marginal in 4K gaming as well as in software like Blender. By the way, the promise of gaming in 8K (from the test presented at LTT) has so far achieved unimpressive results at all – and Anvidia’s new GPU barely reached 30fps in the F1 2021 game.

Expensive and gluttonous electricity

What was not surprising was the price. The RTX 3090 Ti is going to make a serious hole in the pocket of those who would like to add it to their gaming rig or video editing. Its recommended price is $ 2,000 – $ 500 more than the RTX 3090 which has already reached $ 3,000. On the other hand, like other cards and processors, here too there is likely to be a severe availability problem, which could bounce, at least in the near future, its price up

And if we’ve already talked about your spending on the card itself, be prepared to check your electricity bill as well. The RTX 3090 Ti also needs a lot of power to operate. Anvidia requires you to have a minimum power of 850 watts on the computers that will run the new card, a crazy number by all accounts. Tests done on the card show that it will pump an average of about 400 watts – less than half the minimum power that Anvidia requires – but can already reach the 480 watt area as long as you use its power, which is more than the power of an entire computer without an external GPU.

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More such stories are waiting for you now
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