Obesity-causing genes discovered – MK

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Scientists at the University of Virginia in the United States have discovered genes that directly affect weight gain. This was reported by the press service of the university. The research results were published in the journal PLOS Genetics.

Researchers have discovered 293 genes that affect body weight in one way or another. In a laboratory way, scientists have divided them into groups that cause obesity and can prevent it.

The journal indicates that 14 genes have been found that lead to weight gain, as well as three with the ability to prevent obesity.

“We expect our approach and the new genes we have discovered will accelerate the development of therapies that reduce the burden of obesity,” said Eileen O’Rourke of the UVA College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Cell Biology, School of Medicine and the Robert Center for Cardiovascular Research. M. Berna.

Research has been done on worms that share 70% of the genes with humans.


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