Observing a bear-like image on the surface of Mars

Observing a bear-like image on the surface of Mars

This strange image from Mars appears to have captured the shape of a bear smiling at us from the cracked surface of the red planet, and the image was spotted by a NASA spacecraft from 155 miles above the surface of Mars.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Mail”, the spacecraft used the most powerful HiRISE camera ever sent to another planet.

Image of a bear on Mars

The space agency explained, asking: “A bear on Mars? This feature is somewhat similar to the face of a bear. What is it really?”

The space agency added, “There is a mound with a V-shaped collapse structure (the nose), two craters (the eyes), and a circular fracture pattern (the head).

The circular fracture pattern may be the result of sediment settling over a buried impact crater, the nose may be a volcanic vent or mudflow, and the sediment may be lava or mudflows.


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