Occhito, the dam tested 56 years after construction

/Courier TV

The Occhito dam on the Fortore river, in the province of Foggia, on the border between Puglia and Molise, is the main source for the water supply of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, about 145 thousand hectares: the artificial basin has a total capacity of 333 million cubic meters (usable, 250 million). The executive project for the construction of the dam, by engineer Filippo Arredi, was approved in 1957: the construction works, which began in 1958, were completed in 1966 and now, 56 years after the first request dated 1964, the testing, after a very long approval process due to technical problems that involved first the surface discharge and then the bottom one, due to floods and earthquakes. With a length that extends for about 12 kilometers, Lake Occhito is among the largest artificial reservoirs in Italy (with Lake Omodeo in Sardinia and Campotosto in Abruzzo) and in Europe (with Lake Buško in Bosnia-Herzegovina ) for capacity.



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