Oded Ketch was nervous: “We played a good enough game to win”

Oded Ketch was nervous: “We played a good enough game to win”

The coach of Maccabi Tel Aviv, Oded Ketch, was very nervous this evening (Tuesday) after the loss of the Yellows 83:78 to Barcelona in the Euroleague. Maccabi already led 57:67 in the third quarter and the momentum was on their side, but in the last quarter they simply froze, did not score for 6:35 minutes and lost.

At the end, the coach blamed the refereeing, and claimed that while his team was whistled for every touch, Barcelona were allowed to beat. “In the fourth quarter for 9 minutes, we received two fouls and we didn’t even manage to deliver a pass,” Ketch was angry, “when a team is over-aggressive, and on the other hand, on the other side, for every touch, they are sent to the line… sometimes even going to a penalty can stop you and get you out of situations.”

The coach explained the huge frustration: “We played a game good enough to win. We lost because of small things and you have to learn to do them. Every game is critical, including today and therefore the nerves.”

Ketch said that Lorenzo Braun probably won’t play against Valencia away on Thursday and talked about the shortcomings: “The plan was to give more minutes, but as soon as some players got into things well and we felt that a big victory could be achieved, we left them. Our rotation is shorter than theirs (Barcelona) and they don’t lose Quality and experience when they use it all.”

Deep frustration from the loss. catch | Maor Alxalsi

Ketch continued: “The Euroleague is a tough competition and all the games are very tough. Tonight we had a great third quarter, we had a good chance. Barcelona will go all the way this season in my opinion, I wish them luck, I’m not against them or anything. I feel frustrated about the fourth quarter” .

The coach concluded: “It’s hard for me to know how many wins will be enough for the playoffs, the Euroleague this season is very special. Every win has an impact. Recently we were missing Wade, and now we’re missing Lorenzo, and Alex hasn’t played for two months. We have players who are stepping up and playing, we’re not favorites but we’ll fight for the playoffs and we have a chance to do it.”


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