Odia appeared at Menorah Hall and hosted Idan Raichel who wore a skirt

Odia appeared at Menorah Hall and hosted Idan Raichel who wore a skirt

The religious Odia singer has already conquered almost every possible peak. From a performance in Caesarea, the pinnacle of the aspirations of Israeli artists, to a ripping imitation in a wonderful country. We see her almost everywhere and her songs are burning up the radio and social networks. Yesterday (Wednesday) Odia conquered another goal, when she led a huge performance at Menorah Hall in Tel Aviv. The performance is one of two in a row, with the second one being held today at the same place.

Impressive entrance of the singer

The performance opened with an impressive entrance of the singer, when she came down to the stage from above, standing on a small round stage connected by ropes to the ceiling. This entrance opened the show with a surprise and Odia began with one of her most played songs, “Intellectuals”, which has reached millions of views on YouTube.

Odia enters the concert in Menorah Photo: Aroma Music / Roberto Ben Shoshan

Revealed a surprising outfit

During the performance, the singer entertained various artists who sang with her on stage. The first guest was the veteran singer and composer Idan Raichel, together they performed his big hits “Maybe this time” and “If you come to me”. At first Reichel sat on the piano, but then got up and joined the singer, revealing a surprising outfit in the process. Reichel came to the show wearing a white shirt and jacket, items that are definitely identified with him, but surprised the audience with a long black skirt, which reminded us of the teacher from the studio.

Odia and Idan Reichel Photo: Omri Silver

A mash-up of Pantera and Mami

Odia’s second guest was the international singer Noa Kirel, who will soon represent us at Eurovision. Kirel, who is also represented by Roberto Ben Shoshan’s agency, took the stage together with the religious singer for a joint performance. The two sang a mash-up of their two biggest hits: “Panther” by Kirel and “Mami” by Azoulay. The joint performance of the two was accompanied by dancers on stage and a lot of enthusiasm from the audience.

The third and last guest at the excellent performance was Omar Adam’s little brother, Roy. The two performed on stage their joint hit, “The Truth”, which celebrated 10 million views on YouTube and millions of new-media uses.

Odia and Roi Adam on stage at Menorah Hall Photo: Aroma Music / Roberto Ben Shoshan


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