Ofer Ben Natan’s city is coffee, chocolate and pastries. Look surprised

Ofer Ben Natan’s city is coffee, chocolate and pastries.  Look surprised

1. Monty

My regular corner for coffee on Friday-Saturday at noon. A great quiet and pleasant place in the heart of the city, with excellent coffee and the delicious taste of Tel Aviv. On Fridays, Vizhnitz’s challahs are also sold there, and then in general it closes a corner, and on Saturdays there is a selection of bottles of wine at a friendly price.
41 Montefiore

Monty (Photo: PR)

2. Ika chocolate

The most delicious and high-quality chocolate in Israel, as far as I’m concerned, comes from diligent workers. The talented and wonderful Ike produces the best pralines and chocolate bars at a world level. My personal recommendation is the “cat’s tongues” filled with corn and coated with dark chocolate.
Diligent hand 11

Ika Chocolate (Photo: Or Adani)

Ika Chocolate (Photo: Or Adani)

3. Delal the pastry shop

My sweet beginning in Tel Aviv. I mainly recommend coming in the middle of the week when it’s not busy, sit in the adjacent garden across the street for a coffee and a pastry and then stock up on a babka halava for home.
All Israel friends 7

Dalal (photo 18"c)

Dalal (photo PR)

4. Arditi – the origin of the cheeses

My favorite and secret place for cheeses. Whenever I need to stock up on quality cheeses for a cheese and wine evening, I like to go to Levinsky’s Arditi store (very easy to miss on the streets) and choose with him from the huge selection the most suitable cheeses for that evening. The service is always pleasant and full of tips for serving cheese. And you should go to it especially, even the French ambassador buys there himself.
91 Binyamin estate

cheese plate.  Photo: Sarit Gofen

cheese plate. Photo: Sarit Gofen

5. Bar redemption

The regular happy hour with friends. An old and fun bar with a classic menu and good music, a great place to end the evening.
Redemption 51

Redemption is available.  Photo: Nimrod Saunders

Redemption is available. Photo: Nimrod Saunders


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