Officials of a company affiliated with the Ministry of Commerce are involved in theft of Australian wheat

Officials of a company affiliated with the Ministry of Commerce are involved in theft of Australian wheat

2023-06-07 15:30:00

June 7, 2023

Baghdad / Obelisk Al-Hadath: The Investigation Department of the Federal Integrity Commission managed to thwart an attempt to smuggle quantities of Australian wheat in Silo Khan Dhari.

The Commission’s Investigation Department said, in a statement received by Al-Masalla, that a team was formed from the Commission’s Investigation Directorate in Baghdad to investigate information indicating an attempt to steal quantities of Australian wheat, which are located in one of the storage domes in the silo of Khan Dhari of the General Company for Grain Trade affiliated with the Ministry of Commerce, and with cooperation. Collusion between a number of company officials.

She added that the team that began conducting investigations, investigations and audits by moving to the silo of Khan Dhari in Abu Ghraib and its computer unit and moving to the field to the place where the Australian wheat was stored, and seeking clarification from the director of the silo, the keepers of the storage domes and the control operators responsible for processing the quantities of wheat and the laboratory official, reached a conclusion. The presence of quantities of Australian wheat that are not recorded in the records, by manipulating the mixing of the percentage of Australian wheat in the silo.

And she added that the team, based on the order of the judge of the Second Karkh Investigation Court, was able to seize the Australian wheat, amounting to 1438 tons and 568 kg, in the silo of Khan Dhari, and take care of it and not dispose of it except by a judicial decision.

And she continued that the investigations and preliminary investigations indicate that the quantities recorded in the company’s calculator and warehouse records differ from what is in reality and the actual quantity present, pointing out that an attempt was made to steal quantities of wheat by mixing Australian wheat at a rate not exceeding (20%), however, the officially determined quantities are Its percentage is (70%), red wheat is (20%), while local wheat is (10%).

She stated that a fundamental record of the operation was organized to present it, along with the first-in-commands, to the competent investigating judge to complete the legal procedures and identify the defaulters.

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