Ohad Bozaglo and Niv Gilboa are impersonated for the first time in “Wonderful Land”

For the first time: a Bozaglo fan gets imitated in “Aeretz Fahadrah”. Tonight in the episode of “Wonderful Land”, which will be broadcast on Beshet 12, we will be greeted by some familiar imitations – and together with them, we will also see some new and particularly funny imitations.

Ohad Bozaglo, the eldest son of the Bozaglo family, will tonight receive his first ever impersonation on the show. The name of Bozglou, who is currently starring in the seventh season of the family reality show “The Bozglos”, is constantly in the headlines due to his polyamorous relationships – and now he will come to “Wonderland” and explain the agenda behind the unusual choices he receives. And the best part: who played Bozaglo is none other than Eran Zahrovich. Esi Bozaglu, Ohad’s younger brother, was also previously imitated in the show.

Another person who will arrive tonight in “Wonderful Land” is the restaurant critic Niv Gilboa, who will be imitated by Yaniv Biton. Gilboa has already been imitated in the show before – when last time it was Mariano Idelman who stepped into his shoes. Gilboa, as I recall, is participating in the second round for the current season of “The Winning Kitchen VIP”, together with Hana Laslau, his best friend.

Gilboa dialect comes to the “Wonderful Land” | Photo: Keshet 12

After the other couples’ meals, which Gilboa judged professionally, last Sunday it was his and Leslaw’s turn to cook. Expectations from them were high, and the two worked on a particularly ambitious and tempting menu. In the end, they were affected by the pressure that attacked them on the set – and finished the meal in last place in the table, with 69 points.

Ma’ayan Adam, who is currently in the middle of her first pregnancy, will also arrive tonight in the “Great Land”. The one who will imitate Adam is Shani Cohen, who has already imitated Adam before in the show. This week, Adam made headlines for the interview she gave to the “Lasha” newspaper, in which she talked about her financial situation.

Maa’an Adam comes to the “great land” | Photo: Keshet 12


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