oil depots, roads, rails… The point on the disturbances of this Tuesday

oil depots, roads, rails… The point on the disturbances of this Tuesday

The protean protest against the pension reform continues this Tuesday across the whole of France.

Blocked oil depots, refineries on strike, actions on the roads, the rails: the protean protest against the pension reform continues Tuesday across France.

In oil depots and refineries, requisitions, releases and actions

Incidents broke out at the end of the morning in front of the Fos-sur-Mer oil depot, near Marseille, where the authorities carried out the first requisitions of personnel on strike against the reform. With injured on the side of the police. This depot supplies the PACA region, the east of Occitanie with fuel, as well as the Lyon region.

In the Bouches-du-Rhône, the department most affected by fuel shortages, more than half of the service stations are out of stock, and 40% are completely dry, according to data analyzed by Fig Data. At the national level, 9.5% of the country’s service stations do not have either gasoline (SP 98, SP95, E10) or diesel.

In the three TotalEnergies refineries, of the 298 operators posted on Tuesday morning, 36% are on strike, according to management. In Donges, the police unblocked this oil terminal in the Loire estuary overnight, occupied for a week by strikers, to facilitate the unloading of a cargo of diesel. In Le Havre, all the access bridges to the industrial zone as well as that of the port were blocked on Tuesday morning.

The Vern-sur-Seiche oil depot, near Rennes, is still occupied by around fifty CGT and FO demonstrators, according to an FO official. The Lorient oil depot (Morbihan) was unblocked by the police at the end of the morning.

In the Lyon region, the TotalEnergies refinery in Feyzin (Rhône) has stopped shipments. According to FO, the storage tanks are close to being filled, which could lead to a production stoppage on Tuesday afternoon. At the La Mède biorefinery, shipments are blocked, according to TotalEnergies.

Impeded road traffic

In Brittany, road traffic was disrupted in the morning by several blockages, in particular on the Rennes and Nantes ring roads, in Laval, Vannes and Brest. Traffic was also disrupted around the agglomeration of Lyon during the distribution of leaflets. In Cantal, around fifty activists organized a filtering dam on the RN122 near the Lioran tunnel.

Operation free toll in Moselle this Tuesday: around sixty demonstrators took over the Saint-Avold toll on the A4 to lift the barriers and distribute leaflets, an action carried out for a little over two hours at the call of the inter-union. In the Yvelines, fifteen Enedis vehicles slowed traffic on the RN10 in the direction of Paris province.

Public transport disrupted

In the Southwest, the train line between Pau and Bordeaux was blocked by just over 150 demonstrators who entered the tracks in the suburbs of Pau to prevent the departure of a train, according to the CGT. The police intervened. In Lyon, around 150 demonstrators invaded the tracks at Perrache station.

In La Rochelle, a bus depot was blocked, disrupting traffic on several lines. In Rennes, around 30 demonstrators blocked access to the city’s main bus depot around noon, with barricades and fires.

Electricity stocks

Visiting the strike picket at the Gravelines nuclear power plant (North), the secretary general of CGT Énergie promised “targeted cuts“. Power cuts affected around 35,000 homes or businesses in the west of the Toulouse agglomeration, an area where the Airbus factories are located, and part of the city of Narbonne, actions claimed by the CGT Energy.

In the East, access to the Bugey nuclear power plant (Ain) was blocked by 300 to 400 strikers – according to the secretary of the CSE CGT – who only allow on-call personnel dedicated to safety-related activities to pass.

Targeted policies

In Amiens, the office of the Les Républicains party was vandalized on Monday evening during a demonstration, trash cans being used to break the storefront and their contents dumped inside. In Antibes, the permanence of Éric Pauget, LR deputy for the Alpes-Maritimes, was stoned as had been at the end of the week in Nice that of the boss of the LR, Éric Ciotti.

The mobilization of garbage collectors continues

On the sixteenth day of the strike by Parisian garbage collectors, two of the three incineration plants serving the capital, in Ivry-sur-Seine and Issy-les-Moulineaux, were “completely blockedTuesday as the day before, according to the metropolitan union which manages them. As for the Romainville transfer center, crucial for the evacuation of waste, it was blocked for an hour in the morning.

The PS mayor of Paris Anne Hidalgo, support of the social movement, announced the establishment of a “crisis unit“. The prefecture indicates for its part that 206 trucks were able to be “miss and servicethanks to the requisitions she ordered.

In Marseilles, apeaceful occupationfrom the city’s two waste transfer centers to the Fos-sur-Mer incinerator was underway in the morning, according to the CGT.


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