ok unanimous Cdm to pay salaries in April

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The CDM gave unanimous approval to the payment of the April salaries of Alitalia employees. It is learned from government sources. The amount to invest should be around 50 million, but it has not yet been defined in the text.

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In the afternoon, the special commissioners of the airline had communicated to the unions that without the release of the 55 million refreshments for the damages suffered by the pandemic, there would be no money to pay the wages. The alarm was immediately triggered to return in the evening with the news that the Council of Ministers gave the unanimous ok to pay salaries.

A sigh of relief pulled at the end of another day lived with tense nerves that saw the Alitalia workers again in the square this morning, who protested in front of the headquarters of the European Commission representation in Rome. A delegation from Filt Cgil, Fil Cisl, Uiltrasporti and Ugl Trasporti then met with the deputy director of the European Commission representation Vito Borrelli to reiterate his firm opposition to the diktats of the EU, while in the nearby Piazza Sant’Apostoli the workers of the flag company demonstrated strongly for the right to wages and work. At the end of the interlocutory meeting with Borrelli, the trade unions returned to office, announcing an all-out struggle for a dispute that is still long and complex.

The protest started around nine in Piazza Sant’Apostoli with the anthem of Mameli, smoke bombs and a banner “Draghi get on board …”. More slogans, chants and a few moments of tension. The demonstrators pushed the police cordon into Piazza Venezia, just as the union representatives reaffirmed at the headquarters of the EU Commission in via Quattro Novembre “the firm no to double European standards both on the refreshments and on the departure of the new Ita”.

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“We reiterated to Dr. Borrelli that we are not standing still. We are ready to take to the streets to the bitter end”, said the national secretary of Filt Cgil Fabrizio Cuscito, denouncing the European discrimination on state aid: “During the pandemic – continues Cuscito – the company was heavily damaged by taking 9 euros per lost passenger, while Air France took 112 and Lufthansa 55 “. But in the crosshairs of the union representatives there are above all the halter conditions imposed by the EU for NewCo Ita. “The EU diktats – says the national secretary of Fit Cisl Monica Mascia – are only for other European carriers who want to take over the Italian market to shift income to their countries”.

On the other hand, the trade unions have always reiterated that Alitalia cannot become a Bonsai and anonymous company. “Our position is unitary – explains the national secretary of Uiltrasporti Ivan Viglietti – we need an adequate fleet that for us cannot be less than 100 machines, we need to have handling, maintenance, work with the country even on the related industries and continue to keep the logo “. “Draghi is right – concludes Viglietti – the national airline must start with its own wings, but these wings must be given to them”. The workers applaud, roll up the flags and leave Piazza Sant’Apostoli. But, of course, this is just a goodbye.

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