Olaf Scholz finally decides to deliver battle tanks

Olaf Scholz finally decides to deliver battle tanks
Olaf Scholz. Michael Kappeler/dpa / Michael Kappeler

SEEN FROM ELSEWHERE – Germany will finally deliver battle tanks. But so does the United States – as do many allies. The Chancellor’s stubbornness finally made it possible to find a solution in the interest of all. To do this, Olaf Scholz allowed himself to be guided by a principle of the Cold War.

By Klaus Geiger (The world)

Tuesday afternoon, Boris Pistorius was still formulating things very cautiously. It is not excluded that “this week, the Chancellery makes a decision on the Leopard issue“, had declared the Minister of Defense during the economic summit organized at the Axel Springer Haus in Berlin. But the same evening, the events precipitated: while the American government suddenly announced that Washington would finally deliver Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine, in Berlin too, it was quickly heard that Germany would deliver Leopard tanks — and indications that this would be done as part of a coalition of several European countries have multiplied. This is therefore not only a volte-face on the issue of tanks, but also a huge breath of fresh air. For Ukraine, for all allies – and especially for Germany.

So far, three questions have arisen about this…

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