Old Video Of Kamal Irked Vijay Fans

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Recently Kamal’s talk has left Ajith fans in a frenzy, now a video of Kamal talking about Vijay is going viral. Kamal Haasan is forever a global hero in the world of Tamil cinema. He started acting in cinema in the 1970s and has grown to become the most popular actor in India. He has given huge hits in all languages ​​like Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada and Hindi.


Moreover, he is not only an actor but also a director, producer, writer, choreographer, singer, lyricist and excels in all fields. All the films released in his acting have been well received by the people. In that way, the film Vikram directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj starring Kamal Haasan is released.

Vikram Pic:

This film is produced by Rajkamal Stalin in association with Kamalin Rajkamal International. Many actors including Vijay Sethupathi, Bhagat Basil, Kalidas Vijay Shivani, Maina Nandini are acting in this film. Fans are celebrating in theaters as the much awaited Kamal Vikram is releasing after four years.

Vikram Movie Hits:

Also, this film is mass to meet the expectations of fans from all walks of life. Vikram movie is giving blockbuster hit. This was celebrated by many celebrities of the screen world. Kamal Haasan recently gave an interview in this situation. In it, he said, there is no pay without labor. I wouldn’t say that my feet hurt after dancing and I got cramps.


Interview by Kamal:

My dance should speak to the fans. I will not show my leg in the temple and beg, saying that they have put a rod on my leg. He had said that I will earn by showing my skills. After Kamal’s video went viral on social media, many of Ajith’s fans are leaving comments in a frenzy. Besides, Kamal is saying that he is indirectly attacking Ajith.

Fans teased Kamal:

In Kamal’s interview with Lokesh already, he had undergone 2 surgeries on his leg for the song Pathala Pathala. I danced on it. Kamal was saying that it was very difficult. The fans are making fun of Kamala by taking that video now and saying, “Do you need this in your old age, why are you talking about it?” Videos of fans attacking Kamal like this are trending on social media.

Kamal on Vijay:

Kamal’s video was also shared by some Vijay fans who were making fun of Ajith. In such a situation, a video of Kamal talking about Vijay is going viral. Speaking in the video, Kamal said, ‘I am watching his film, but my wish is for Vijay to act in a good film. My wish is that all the actors do a good film. Brother Vijay has also said that he will make a good film.



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