Oliviero Toscani, the contest: look for the face (without makeup) of Tuscany

the hunt for the face of Tuscany has begun. We are looking for true beauty, the beauty of being: not the tricks, not the artificiality, not the usual modelbut the face of a woman who is the symbol of intelligence, honesty, naturalness, elegance, regardless of age. The photographer Oliviero Toscani thus explains his project for a portrait that will be the icon of the five days that the Region will organize next Novemberdedicated to the promotion of tourism for women (Welcome to Tuscany), on the occasion of the International Day against violence against women. The idea, developed between the Milanese artist (with the heart and the house on the Pisan hills) and the governor Eugenio Giani, starts from afar: This project could only be born here – continues Toscani – Why? no other land has an iconographic history like your Renaissance. I want to start from the faces of the paintings, to find a woman who represents that kind of expressiveness, that kind of unattainable class, but who has something modern. In short, a face that has a complex simplicity, that escapes widespread conformism and that represents the soul of this region.

Il contest, renamed the Tuscany of Toscani aimed at all women who love this land, aged 18 and over. The selection will start very shortly, because interested parties will have to send, by 15 July, to the latoscanaditoscani.it portal, three natural photographs, without make-up, and a video of less than a minute in which they will tell about their connection with our region. The chosen ones will then have to participate in three casting meetings with Oliviero Toscani, who, finally, will choose the face of Tuscany.

Yesterday, at the presentation of the project in Palazzo Sacrati Strozzi in Florence, Giani explained that Oliviero Toscani is not only a world-famous photographer, but also a great communicator who has chosen Tuscany as his home. For this reason, it is even more immense pleasure that it is he who is looking for the face of the region: a female face, considered the crucial role that women have always played in our history.. A woman who puts on makeup a woman who lies, the joke of an Oliviero Toscani, who also threw a jab at the models disseminated on social networks. And which, in our history, has indicated a parallelism that recalls this concept: Just think of the Tower of Pisa: only in Tuscany could a crooked tower become famous. This charism, atavistic charism, which comes from afar. this is what I’m looking for.

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6 July 2022 | 08:48

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