Olympic Games 2024: Do you want to volunteer at the Olympic Games? Let’s go !

Olympic Games 2024: Do you want to volunteer at the Olympic Games?  Let’s go !

“They are the soul of the Games, those who will create the atmosphere! Paris 2024 is launching its campaign to recruit 50,000 volunteers, including 5,288 as part of the operation of the city of Paris. Two thirds will be dedicated to the Olympic Games (July 26 to August 11, 2024), one third to the Paralympic Games (August 28 to September 8, 2024). To attract them, the Organizing Committee is launching a small spot, featuring the Phryges, the mascots in the shape of a Phrygian cap.

To apply via the Paris2024.org portal, three conditions must be met: be 18 years old on January 1, 2024, be able to speak either French or English and be available for at least ten days during the period of the Olympic Games or the Paralympic Games. It takes about forty minutes to complete the form.

We decline our identity, we inform a possible place of accommodation and we give the indications for the uniform which will be provided by the organization.

You will then be asked for your level of English and French (no obligation to speak both languages), your knowledge of the Olympic world, your experience in sports events, your availability (for the Olympic and/or Paralympic Games and on the test papers).

Finally, via a map, you will indicate the zone in which you wish to be mobilized: zone A (Paris Centre), zone B (Paris Ouest)… On the other hand, it is not possible to choose your competition site.

An orientation questionnaire is then to be completed (two sets of 90 questions). The answers around motivation and personality will allow you to pre-orient yourself towards missions. At the end of the questionnaire, a personalized summary is drawn up. You can then check or uncheck the missions that are offered to you. Paris 2024 believes that those where a percentage above 70% is indicated are more suitable for you.

Between September and December 2023, the organizing committee will inform you of the follow-up given to your application. Note that no compensation or remuneration is provided. Accommodation costs are also not covered. Volunteers will receive an outfit, provided by Decathlon, and a meal.


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