Olympics: Tokyo off limits, no foreign spectators, protected competitions (but without vaccine requirements). Here’s what the Armored Games will look like

25 March 2021 – 13:31

The edition that will start on 23 July and end on 8 August will be as much as possible armored inside and outside the plants. Among a thousand precautions, the efforts of the organizers to preserve some of the humanity and freedom that have always characterized the event

of Marco Bonarrigo

Between a thousand precautions and after a whole year in which it remained lit so as not to interrupt hope and kept in a safe place on the Japanese east coast, the Olympic flame began its journey in Japan on Thursday 25 March in Fukushima directed towards the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo where his trip should – conditionally obligatory – end on 23 July after crossing 47 prefectures. A path of high symbolic value for an edition of the Games full of unknowns and of which, exactly four months from the start, no one can guarantee the actual carrying out. What is certain is that the Games, if they are played, will be very different from the usual and from different points of view.


March 25, 2021 | 13:31

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