OM and its unleashed recruits, Faes was wrong

Carried by several of its recruits, OM clearly won against Reims at the end of the first day of Ligue 1 (4-1). Find the Tops and Flops of this meeting.


Clauss-Tavares, it promises!

The pistons are popular in this very beginning of the season. The day after the Mendes-Hakimi duo’s big game with PSG, OM were able to count on the good performances of their side players, in the person of Jonathan Clauss and Nuno Tavares. Two rookies with a high volume of play, and decisive for their first official outing in the Marseille jersey. The French international started the match perfectly by provoking the CSC de Faes (13th). His Portuguese teammate, man of the match, doubled the lead just before the break (45th + 1), and constantly got the better of his opponents. A permanent influence throughout the meeting.

The remarkable entry of Suarez

Another Marseille rookie particularly distinguished himself this Sunday. Entering in place of Milik in the second half, Luis Suarez hit hard by scoring a double full of opportunism (75th, 90th + 4). Efficient and powerful, the Colombian striker has shown a grinta that may please the Vélodrome if it is confirmed over the meetings. A powerhouse darling.

Guendouzi, as usual

OM were able to rely on the big game of their recruits, but some executives also responded. Like Matteo Guendouzi. Always so generous in the effort, the Marseille midfielder struggled to the four corners of the field to scratch balloons. Own ball at his feet, he evolved a notch higher during the second period and participated in the action of the third base, which definitively ensured the victory of his team.


Faes, the CSC that hurts

Reims had a very bad evening at the Vélodrome. Caught by the throat from the start, the Champagne club quickly folded, conceding the opener in the thirteenth minute of play. A very unfortunate goal. Wanting to repel a cross from Clauss, Wout Faes was surprised and shot his own goalkeeper at close range. Author until then of several life-saving interventions, the Belgian defender sank after this twist of fate.

Zeneli off topic

Apart from a great inspiration to launch van Bergen at the end of the first period, Arbër Zeneli did not exist. Very disappointing, so much so that Oscar Garcia decided to replace him at the break. If no Rémois did not respond in the first period, the exit of the Kosovar international coincided with a start from the Champenois after returning from the locker room.


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