Omar Adam and Yael Shelby revealed: this is the amount they will earn in ‘Connected’

Power Kappel: Singer Omar Adam will earn (unusually) a payment of more than NIS 100,000 for his participation in the “Connected” program, along with his new partner, model Yael Shelby, as published today on the Instagram page of the program “Good evening with Guy Pines “.

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This is the first time that “Connected,” Hot’s docu-reality, has been paid for a participant’s spouse, so it’s a significant precedent. As a condition for using the videos in which he participated, Adam placed a financial demand, which was accepted (this is in addition to the rent of her stages, which stands at NIS 350,000). The two announced that they had decided to donate the money a person would earn.

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Shelvia, one of the most successful models in Israel, is cultivating a thriving international career and a flourishing relationship with the singer, who has made quite a few headlines recently.


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