“Omicron” BA.4-BA.5 outbreak in South Africa, found the landscape from BA.1 to prevent difficult illnesses

“Omicron” BA.4-BA.5 outbreak in South Africa, found the landscape from BA.1 to prevent difficult illnesses

outbreak covid 19 Although the number of infected people has decreased But there is still something to worry about when WHO Keep an eye out for the subspecies of “Omicron” are BA.4, BA.5, and BA.2.12 by Dr. Anan Chongkaewwatana Virologist Biotech posted on Facebook. Anan Jongkaewwattana said “Omicron” The BA.4/BA.5 strain is now the dominant strain in South Africa, as BA.4/BA.5 has shifted its branching further away from BA.1.

The question of interest to the researchers is Immune from infection from “Omicron” Is the first strain BA.1 good enough to prevent reinfection from the BA.4/BA.5 strain? The research team collected serum samples of BA.1 infected individuals and tested them for susceptibility. The ability to capture and suppress the true BA.4/BA.5 virus isolated from a patient. by serum samples tested can be separated into groups that have never been vaccinated and are infected, and those who have been vaccinated and are subsequently infected (Breakthrough infection)

The results showed that the group who nevercovid vaccinationand are immune from natural BA.1 infection alone, immune to BA.1 at 275, but when tested against BA.4/BA.5, it is approximately 36-37 or a decrease of 7.5-7.6 times, which Look at the dotted line, which is a level that is sufficient to prevent symptomatic infection. The group that fell under the dotted line was more than half. It makes me believe that the natural immunity from BA.1 alone is not sufficient to prevent the symptoms of BA.4/BA.5.

forGroups with hybrid immunity from vaccines (mRNA or J&J). If BA.1 has been attached, the condition of BA.1 will be as high as 507, and when tested with BA.4/BA.5, it will decrease about 2.6-3.2 times to about 158 ​​-198, which is still a level that is still higher than the line. Dash that can also inhibit the virus well at a level that prevents illness.

This data is the result compared to the landscape of BA.1 that is “Omicron” The first wave, however, because BA.4/BA.5 is closely related to BA.2, which is now the dominant strain in the epidemic. I still believe that the landscape from BA.2 should be able to inhibit BA.4/BA5 better than the landscape of BA.1, which is more than that, we’ll have to wait for information. It cannot be denied that Thailand will have BA.4/BA.5 sooner or later. Defend and know the enemy as best as possible.



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