Omicron Fear: The Professor Who Killed His Wife and Children! | Kanpur doctor bludgeons wife two children to death by hammer cites Omicron variant as reason | Puthiyathalaimurai – Tamil News | Latest Tamil News | Tamil News Online

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The incident in which a professor killed his wife and two children out of fear of the Omigron Corona has come as a shock.

Sushil Singh was a professor of forensics at a private medical college in Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh. He is survived by his wife Chandra Prabha (age 48) and son Shikar Singh (age 18) and a 10th class daughter. Sushil Singh is said to have come under a lot of stress in recent days. He has been taking treatment for it. Sushil Singh is also said to have had high fears about the recent outbreak of omega-3 corona.


At this point Sushil Singh killed his wife and his two children and fled from there. Before committing the murder and escaping, the professor texted his brother on WhatsApp. In which ‘No one will be saved from omega-3 infection. So I release everyone. ‘ The brother was shocked to see the message and immediately went to his house. When he broke open the locked house, he was shocked to find his brother’s wife and children lying dead.

Police rushed to the spot and seized the professor’s diary. In it, he writes about the murder of his family and about Omicron. Police say he wrote, “Now, there is no need to count dead bodies, and the corona virus will kill everyone.” Police said his cell phone had been switched off and they were actively searching for him. Earlier, his brother had said that Sushil had tried to kill his wife.


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